Electrical Sub Boards

Built Board's Electrical Sub Boards are designed to meet all relevant New Zealand standards, meaning they can be used in a variety of industrial, commercial and residential applications. They are made from high-quality materials and are built to last, providing a safe distribution of electricity for many years to come. 

Our Electrical Sub Board Product Range

InvisaBoard – 13 Pole / 26 Pole

Check out the InvisaBoard - the ultimate solution for achieving a flawless, flush finish on plaster walls. The 13-pole InvisaBoard is a smaller, compact board, perfectly suited for apartments and small homes where the quality of finish is of utmost importance.

Our innovative TrueFlush system is utilised in the InvisaBoard, ensuring that it gives a 100% flush finish to the plaster wall. The board can be easily installed using our TrueFlush system or, alternatively, using the optional surface fit door kit.

The InvisaBoard measures 335mm (W) x 290mm (H) and is made from a 1mm steel sheet with a high-quality powder coat finish. The door comes pre-primed and ready for painting to match your interior decor.

For easy installation, all boards come supplied with pole filler strips, snap bushings, and a circuit indication sticker kit. In addition, a surface-fit door kit has been developed for situations where the TrueFlush component has not been plastered in. The door kit sits on the plaster surface, providing a quick and easy installation solution.

Upgrade your installation with the InvisaBoard today and experience the true meaning of a seamless, flush finish.

Need a bigger InvisaBoard? Have a go at our 26-pole model, it’s the perfect combination of style and function for bigger installations. The 26-pole InvisaBoard is a large board designed to meet the needs of bigger installs where both function and style are equally important.

If you need something even larger, we also have a 39-pole InvisaBoard, now in stock.

Electrical Sub Board - FAQs

Why buy an electrical sub board from Built Boards?

Because we don’t think the prices New Zealand electricians pay are fair.

Major electrical parts suppliers have had a stranglehold on the NZ market for as long as we can remember. That lack of competition has let them run rampant on pricing.

You can get a safety switch for $20-$30 in Australia. Expect those costs to double as soon as you try to find the same switch in New Zealand. It’s not sustainable, and it’s poor form.

We want to change that - Built Boards should be your choice for your next electrical sub board. With better performance, modern designs, and a much lower cost, there’s no reason not to go with the new guy. 

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