New Zealand's first true flush electrical sub board. In stock and ready for delivery.
The BBE series IP66 Weatherproof Enclosures Built Tough by Built Boards for the Harsh Environments
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Products warehoused in Auckland, with free delivery over $500.

Built Boards is a trade only Supplier – Electrical Switchboards & Enclosures in NZ

Built Board's electrical switchboards and enclosures are the leading choices when it comes to outdoor electrical enclosures in New Zealand. Our products offer superior protection against harsh environmental conditions while maintaining a sleek, modern design that is both visually pleasing and practical. Our switchboard enclosures are designed to house electrical components securely and safely, whether indoors or outdoors. We feature a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials so electricians can find the perfect fit for their application.

With Built Board's electrical switchboards and enclosures in New Zealand, electricians can rest assured that their clients’ electrical equipment will remain safe from the elements - no matter what life throws their way.  For more switch board NZ or switchboard enclosure within NZ information, check out the other pages on our website.

Who Are Built Boards?

Built Boards is a leader in the switchboard enclosure and electrical enclosure industry in New Zealand, specialising in producing top-notch metal switchboard enclosures, outdoor electrical enclosure boxes, and electric switch boards. With strict attention to detail and advanced manufacturing processes, we can produce products that meet all customer specifications, while also maintaining a high level of quality control. 

Built Boards also offers customised solutions for our customers, such as customising the vast range of switchboards to fit customers’ unique needs or creating an outdoor electrical enclosure NZ specific to the customer’s requirements. These are usually manufactured and dispatched from our Australian facility, and Built Boards has three manufacturing facilities around the world.

Our wide selection of items includes everything from standard switchboard enclosures and electrical enclosures to more specialised items like stainless steel and powder-coated switchboards. From small domestic projects to large commercial ones, Built Boards has electricians NZ-wide covered with our extensive range of products. With years of experience under our belt and a team of dedicated professionals at your disposal, you can trust Built Boards for your switchboard needs. 

The Built Boards Product Range

Automation Switchboards

Built Boards Automation Switchboards are manufactured in Victoria, Australia and come in 5 sizes to fit various needs. They are constructed with durable material and are perfect for Din Rail mount automation hardware. Custom boards and matching distribution boards can also be made to handle specific power requirements. To get a custom quote or more information, fill out the contact form. 

Sub Boards

Maximise your efficiency and aesthetics with Built Boards Electrical Sub Boards. These versatile and compliant boards provide both style and function to your installations. With durable and practical features such as field-reversible doors, Built Boards offer sleek solutions that save you time and space.

The InvisaBoard is New Zealand's first True Flush mount subboard. Unlike conventional flush mount switchboards that still protrude from the wall, InvisaBoards provide a 100% flush finish, thanks to a patented design that seamlessly blends in with the wall. These distribution boards are made of high-quality steel and come with superior latches and fittings, providing a discreet and durable solution for any installation.

Electrical Switchboards & Enclosures - FAQs

Why trust Built Boards for your electrical switchboards & enclosures in NZ?

To save you money - it’s that simple. 

NZ electricians have been getting overcharged for donkey’s years, thanks to the lack of competition for electrical supplies in the country.

If you go to buy a safety switch in Australia, it’ll set you back about 30 bucks. The same switch in New Zealand is going to drain $60 out of your pocket.

Don't let that happen to you, there’s a better way to do business. Make Built Boards your choice for electrical switchboards & enclosures in NZ. Better performance, better designs, better price - you know what to do.

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  • What products do you offer in New Zealand?

    At Built Boards, we offer a range of electrical switchboards and enclosures, including outdoor electrical enclosures, metal switchboard enclosures, and electrical switchboards. We also provide custom solutions to meet your needs.

    Are Built Boards' products suitable for outdoor use?

    Yes, Built Boards' electrical switchboards and enclosures are designed to offer superior protection against harsh environmental conditions, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

    Are Built Boards' products compliant with industry standards?

    Absolutely – Built Boards' products are compliant with industry standards and offer practical features to ensure functionality and safety.

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    Industrial Enclosures

    Industrial IP66, powder coated Galvanised steel Enclosures

    Electrical Sub Boards

    Finished level with the plaster, True Flush recessed sub boards


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