Domestic Switchboard Enclosures

Built Board's Domestic Switchboard Enclosures are a great choice for any home or small business. They offer a superior design from other conventional switchboard enclosures. With their reliable construction and long-lasting design, Built Board's Domestic Switchboard Enclosures will keep your clients’ wiring safe even through the toughest of times. On top of that, their price point makes them an excellent option for those looking to upgrade their electrical infrastructure without breaking the bank.

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InvisaBoard – A Revolution in Domestic Switchboard Enclosures

Built Board's InvisaBoard is a groundbreaking innovation in the field of domestic switchboard enclosures. This world-first patented design is created by Built Boards, which is a name that you can trust. The InvisaBoard is a true flush mount subboard that provides a 100% flush finish to the wall, unlike other conventional flush mount switchboard enclosures that still protrude from the wall.

Installation of the InvisaBoard is a multi-step process that involves mounting an electrical flush box to the studs and then bringing in the cables. The InvisaBoard is then plastered over, and the electrical enclosure fits onto the electrical flush box. Lastly, the door system is installed, getting plaster troweled in. The InvisaBoard can be installed using the TrueFlush system, which comes complete with the kit, or the optional surface-fit door kit.

Built Board's InvisaBoard is available in different sizes, including the 26 Pole InvisaBoard True Flush SubBoard Kit, which is perfect for larger installs where function and style are equally important. It features 26 Pole 2 x din rails, measures 395mm(W) x 435mm(H), and is made of 1mm steel sheet with a powder coat finish. The door is pre-primed and ready for painting.

Other options include the 13 & 39 Pole models, so you can be sure to find an InvisaBoard to suit any size job you’re working on. We’re you’re go-to choice for domestic switchboards NZ-wide.

The InvisaBoard is not only stylish but also offers high-quality latches and fittings that are far superior to the floppy yellowing plastics used in conventional switchboard enclosures. The full steel construction of the InvisaBoard ensures durability and reliability.

Domestic Switchboard Enclosure FAQ

Why source your next domestic switchboard enclosure from Built Boards?

Looking for the perfect domestic switchboard enclosure that not only meets your high standards for quality, but also boasts a stylish and minimalist design? Look no further than Built Boards! We're the only manufacturer out there with true flush sub boards - a groundbreaking concept that we pioneered a few years back.

Our switchboard enclosures are the epitome of sleek, understated elegance. With our low impact minimalist design, you can rest assured that your clients will be blown away by the stunning aesthetics of their new switchboard enclosure.

But don't just take our word for it - our hardware is second to none, so you can trust that your switchboard enclosure will be built to last. When you choose Built Boards, you're choosing a partner who is committed to delivering the highest quality products, backed by exceptional customer service.

So why wait? Get in touch with us today and experience the Built Boards difference for yourself! Whether you're a homeowner looking to upgrade your switchboard, or an electrician searching for the perfect enclosure for your client, we've got you covered.

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What makes Built Boards' Domestic Switchboard Enclosures stand out from conventional electrical cabinets and enclosures?

Built Boards' Domestic Switchboard Enclosures offer a superior design compared to conventional electrical cabinets and enclosures. They are constructed with reliable materials and built to last, ensuring the safety of your clients' wiring even in challenging conditions. Plus, these enclosures are budget-friendly, making them a great choice for those seeking to upgrade their electrical infrastructure without overspending.

What size options are available for the InvisaBoard?

Built Boards offers various size options for the InvisaBoard. These include the 26 Pole InvisaBoard True Flush SubBoard Kit, perfect for larger installations that prioritise both function and style. It features 26 Pole 2 x din rails, measures 395mm(W) x 435mm(H), and is made of 1mm steel sheet with a powder coat finish. Other options include the 13 & 39 Pole models, ensuring that there is an InvisaBoard suitable for any job size.


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