About Us

Built Boards was founded in 2010 when our founder, Jared Smith, masterfully created his first Home Automation Switchboard.

Working as an electrician who specialised in home automation, he could not find a reliable high-quality enclosure anywhere on the market. So true to form, he engineered his own solution.

Over time, the industry started to notice his Automation Switchboards. It was then that Jared created the brand Built Boards, rented his first factory and went into production for himself.

Built Boards New Logo

Going from strength to strength, Built Boards Australia launched its first range of NBN compliant enclosures in 2012 which quickly took off to become the cabinet of choice for those working with the NBN Rollout.

Fast forward to today and Built Boards has a large range of products that are now available to the NZ market.

Spread across 3 manufacturing facilities in Australia, China and Thailand we bring a set of products to the market that are the perfect mix of considered engineering, quality and cost efficiency.

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