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The InvisaBoards use our TrueFlush system to give a 100% flush finish to the plaster wall.

Available in Three sizes 13, 26 and the new 39 Pole.

  • 1mm steel sheet.
  • Powder coat finish.
  • Door is pre-primed ready for painting.


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Non, NZ Stocked items can be shipped direct from our Australian facility

Electrical Flush Mount Switchboards

Built Board's Electrical Flush Mount Switchboards are an innovative solution for any home or office space. Crafted with quality and innovation in mind, each switchboard is built to last and is designed to be aesthetically pleasing. With a variety of sizes available, Built Boards Flush Mount Switchboards provide a modern touch to any space while providing reliable quality solutions.

With its sleek design, each switchboard can blend seamlessly into any contemporary decor without compromising performance. Built Boards offers superior customer service and fast delivery times to make sure your switchboard purchase experience is hassle-free. Whether you’re looking for a modern touch to an existing room, or starting from scratch with a brand new switchboard, you will have plenty of options at your disposal when shopping with Built Boards.

INVISABOARD - New Zealand’s First True Flush Mount Subboard

The InvisaBoard is New Zealand’s first True Flush mount subboard. This patented design is a world-first, created by Built Boards. 

The conventional flush mount switchboard is not entirely flush, where the finished product still protrudes from the wall. That's why we are using the term True Flush - because it is genuinely flush and gives you a 100% flush finish to the wall.

These true flush mount distribution boards are painted with the wall to seamlessly blend in and create a discreet solution to any installation. 

The full steel construction of the InvisaBoards offers high-quality latches and fittings rather than the floppy yellowing plastics of conventional switchboard enclosures.


There is a multi-step process for the installation of the InvisaBoard. 

An electrical flush box is mounted to the studs, and then the installer can bring the cables in. 

The InvisaBoard is plastered over, and the electrical enclosure fits onto the electrical flush box. 

Lastly, the door system is installed, getting plaster trowelled in.

InvisaBoards can be installed using our TrueFlush system. The TrueFlush system comes complete with the kit, and you can also use the optional surface-fit door kit. The door kit has been developed for the situation where the TrueFlush component has not been plastered in. The door kit sits on the plaster surface.   

Check our instructions page for further installation details.

26 Pole InvisaBoard – True Flush SubBoard Kit

This larger sub board is suited to bigger installs where function and style are equally important.

  • 26 Pole 2 x din rails.
  • 395mm(W) x 435mm(H).
  • 1mm steel sheet.
  • Powder coat finish.
  • Door is pre-primed and ready for painting.

All boards come supplied with the following:

  • Pole filler strips.
  • Snap bushings.
  • Circuit indication sticker kit.
  • Surface fit door kit.

Electrical Flush Mount Switchboards - FAQs

Why choose Built Boards’ electrical flush mount switchboards?

Because we’ve had it with NZ electricians getting overcharged. 

There hasn't been much competition for electrical supplies in New Zealand, so suppliers have been wringing sparkies dry for far too long.

A safety switch that costs between $20 and $30 in Australia can cost double that in NZ. That’s not on.

Don't let the old guard bleed you dry - pick Built Boards for your electrical flush mount switchboards. We can offer your better performance for less cash, so it’s a no-brainer.

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