24 Month standard warranty


As a standard Built Boards warrants its products for 24 months from the date of purchase. This is a guarantee against faulty workmanship, material and design.
The warranty does not apply to defects arising from general wear and tear, corrosive environments, electrochemical corrosion from salt air, lack of care, improper use, incorrect installation, and insufficient maintenance.

Defects arising from events outside of our control, such as natural disasters, fire, flood, terrorism and external accidents including motor vehicles are also not covered under our warranty.
This warranty consists of repairing, modifying and/or replacing any faulty component or hardware items that are recognized as being defective. The defective parts or replacements will be supplied at the expense of Built Boards in the shortest reasonable timeframe.

Any claims are subject to not exceeding the wholesale purchase value for rectification.
Any unauthorised modifications or repairs to any unit or component shall void this warranty.
Warranty claims must be made within 24 months of purchase to BUILT BOARDS via mail or E-Mail. The claim must state the relevant information including purchase date or purchase order number, place of purchase, defect type, and when the defect arose and contact details.


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