InvisaBoard 13, 26, & 39 – True Flush mounting instructions


Step 1

Locate switchboard location and mark height

Step 2

Unpack the sub board and screw fix mechanical protection plate to top or bottom of mounting box using 3 x 6G Self Tapping screws (Supplied) – depending on cables entry side.

Step 3

Place mounting box into position between two studs

Step 4

Using 4 x undercut self tapping screws (supplied) fix mounting box back to studs – ensuring that the mounting box is level and the screws have sat evenly into fixing holes

Step 5

Fit snap bushes into desired mounting box entry holes and bring in all required cables

Step 6

Tape and tuck in the cables ready for plastering

Step 7

Mark location of the centre of the mounting box on plans


Step 8

Plastering finished

Step 9

Cut out the plaster along the inside edge of the mounting box – watch for cables..

Step 10

On the sub board enclosure knockout the require matching entry holes and fit with snap bushes

Step 11

Bring the cables into the enclosure and push back centre of mounting box – there is 4 x Studs and 4 x holes on the enclosure

Step 12

Fix back enclosure using 4 x nuts and star lock washers

Step 13

Remove the door from door frame kit

Step 14

Push the frame back over the enclosure and secure in the corners with 4 x star lock washers and 4 x M4*20 screws – ensure to not over tighten. Tighten enough so the plaster bead trim is flush with plaster and the outside edges are not raised.

Step 15

Ensure the frame is level

Step 16

Fit off sub board

Step 17

Re-fit door and close

Step 18

Plaster trowel the trim and finish

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